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Our family business has always revolved around technology. Growing up in the 80s, we played all the classic video games. Once we got into the technology business in the 90s, we became more serious gamers. During the day we would work on computers, then at night we would game on them. We’ve played the entire range of video games from creative to competitive. 

Since then, many things have changed. So many new games have been introduced. With the ability to play together online and talk through microphones, the vision of how we play together has shifted. While the growth and innovation of video games and technology is amazing, we noticed that the comradery of playing games all in the same room was declining. As we have gotten older and had our own gamer kids, we recognized the need for a safe place for kids (and adults) in our community to game together. 

The feeling of playing next to your friends and getting to celebrate wins, forge through losses, practice to learn more skills, and feel the energy of shared mindset in the air is like none other. Instead of sitting around reminiscing on the good old days, we wanted to modernize the old to incorporate with the new. We noticed there was a need for a space where we can not only game together online, but also be in the same area. 

So, in 2019, we opened Leeroy’s Esports. A place built by gamers, for gamers. So, from our family to yours – welcome to Leeroy’s – game on!